1. What is an Internal Medicine & Pediatric physician?

This type of physician, like Dr. App, is a primary care physician who completed post medical school residencies in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

As such this small group of physicians, approximately 300 graduates nationwide annually, are uniquely trained and qualified to care for patients of all ages.

2. What is the Spectrum Health Physician Alliance?

The Spectrum Health Physician Alliance – SHPA – is a subsidiary of the Spectrum Health System formed in 2011, together with West Michigan Physician Network and We are for Children. Dr. App is a member of the SHPA, and it is an independent physician alliance organization focused on uniting physicians around enhancements to the patient care experience, quality and efficiency of care.

It allows physician practices to collaborate, share best practices, improve quality and coordinate care while allowing physicians to maintain their independence and autonomy, improving patient care and experience to the community.

3. Will Dr. App use the Electronic Medical Record?

Yes. Dr. App will continue to use the same system he has used for years, which is available to all physicians who are members of the Spectrum Health Physician Alliance. Membership allows access to registry, the electronic medical record, and connectivity to Spectrum Health Hospital and specialty physicians.

4. Will Dr. App be accepting new patients?

Dr. App will remain open to newborn patients only.  Our other care providers will be accepting new patients and families.  

5. What insurances will IMPWM accept?

Dr. App will continue to participate with the same insurance carriers that he has been over the last 15 years.

To view a listing of the plans that Dr. App accepts, click here.

6. If I think I need antibiotics, can I call for a prescription? 

No, you must make an appointment if you believe that you need antibiotics.