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Reliable medical care and support for all of your women's health needs are available at Internal Medicine and Pediatrics of West Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a primary care office, the team provides all routine care for women, including Pap smears, pregnancy testing, and breast exams. With flexible scheduling, the team can see you quickly so you can get the care you need right away. Set up an appointment today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.

Women's Health Q&A

What women's health services are available?

At Internal Medicine and Pediatrics of West Michigan, the team provides all essential care for women, including:

  • Birth control prescriptions, including placement and removal of intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Pap smears
  • Breast exams
  • Annual well-woman exams
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Hormone and thyroid testing
  • Weight management

The team provides women's health care to women beginning at puberty and the start of menses through menopause. All routine care for healthy women is available, and the team can refer you to a specialist or imaging facility if you need additional care for conditions like pregnancy, breast cancer, or a mammogram.

When should I see a primary care physician versus an OB/GYN?

The primary care team provides all of the basic medical care a woman needs throughout her life, though they don't handle pregnancies, childbirth, or the treatment of more complex health issues like cancer. At Internal Medicine and Pediatrics of West Michigan, the team has an in-house lab so you can get all of your testing in one place for most health conditions.

If you're pregnant or experiencing gynecologic issues that require OB/GYN or midwifery care, the team can recommend providers in the area. They work with your specialist team to ensure you receive the best care, no matter what health challenges you're experiencing.

What are the benefits of getting women's health care from a primary care doctor?

Since primary care doctors focus on your overall health and well-being, they evaluate your women's health concerns alongside any other medical issues you have to provide global care and support for all of your needs. The team can help you understand how medications or procedures might affect your reproductive or gynecologic health and what steps you can take to be healthy in all aspects of your life.

The primary care team also provides general medical support, so they know and understand what you're experiencing mentally, physically, and emotionally. When you work with the team, they develop a full record of your medical history and can provide the most relevant testing and disease screenings based on your personal medical history, family history, and lifestyle.

Developing a relationship with your primary care physician gives you the support you need for any health challenges you face and a trustworthy health advisor when you have questions or concerns about your health, medications, testing, or procedures.

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